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T&G Assessments are selected and designed for each client or activity and accordingly, we offer information to each candidate or participant at the time. Background Psychological Testing information is available from one of our suppliers HERE

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When you complete one of our online assessments you may wish to visit HERE to practice assessments or to get tips on how to prepare yourself. Our assessments are sensitive, so we recommend completion in a quiet room with correct lighting away from people and pets, with auxiliary mobile devices switched off to avoid interruption. We suggest participants are well rested and in most cases breaks between assessment tasks can be taken.

Impairment, such as limited language skill, medication, disability, medical problems, fatigue or significant life events should be made known to a T&G Psychologist at the time of assessment.

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Feedback is usually available at the completion of our assessments for selection, and is 'built in' to most of our development programs for individuals, teams and organisations. Once contacted to complete assessments, your T&G Psychologist, or our client representative, will help you make best use of your assessment information.

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T&G's Registered Psychologists are required by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)'s Psychology Board to maintain exacting standards of confidentiality. We protect our client and participant information rigorously and only use the insights gained from our consulting activities for the express purpose. We are relied upon at the most senior levels of organisations to protect confidentiality around personal, professional, operational and strategic matters.

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