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Organisational Psychology for People and Teams in Changing Times

We are currently faced with a work environment that none of us have experienced. We have socially isolated teams, working from home and balancing family needs and self-care within an uncertain, volatile local and global market. People and organisations are having to adjust to constantly changing advice and a fear-inducing information flow. The control we have over the way we work is eroding.  The more optimistic are finding opportunity while others struggle to cope.

The personal and professional divide is no longer clearly defined. Colleagues and clients have visibility into each other’s lives and home contexts, changing each employee’s relationship with each other, while taxing coping mechanisms to their limits both at home and at work. Each Truslove & Goss Psychologist has been providing support to our clients both informally and through program delivery to help address the following challenges:

·       Increased individual stress

·       Reduced productivity

·       Inconsistent revenue streams

·       Loneliness and disconnection

·       Fewer emotional resources

·       ‘Freezing’ mindset

·       Team tension and pressure

·       Conflicting family and work demands

·       Maintaining an employment brand

We find our clients now need:

·       A nimble, responsive, engaged workforce

·       Flexible, self-aware, positive leadership

·       Fast, well informed business decisions

·       Learning from mistakes, moving on

·       Resilience in the workforce

·       Regular, positive communication

·       Customer intimacy

·       Respect for others, professionalism, maturity and empathy

Accordingly, teams and leaders now need to solve new problems:​

- How do we remain focused and prosper?

- How does that differ from team to team, individual to individual?

- How can I keep my team engaged, motivated, happy, and productive while working from home?  

- How will I know if they are not?

- What key factors should I consider, having rarely supervised staff remotely?

- Will I cope? How can I be resilient and adaptable to change?

- Has our team changed so much that we need to refocus our efforts?

Psychological models offer powerful tools to explain how each individual, and their team, react to change, ambiguity and new contexts. For most of our clients, rich data already exists to guide advice or training content at an individual and group level. Where this doesn’t exist, it can be easily gathered. T&G have created a refreshed suite of services to  support individuals, teams and clients. All services noted herein are delivered remotely, with T&G having successfully employed consulting solutions internationally and virtually over several years. When workplaces return to normal, these activities can be adapted for face to face or hybrid delivery.​

Please SELECT AND CLICK from the programs below for Overview, Duration and Pricing:

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Aerial View of Surfers

Refocus your team, create cohesion during change


Improving and Supporting Team Functioning During Change

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Map your team’s personality and predict responses to change and stress


Understand individuals and predict their behaviour and performance



Guiding and Supporting People in a Time of Profound Change

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Outplacement services - insightful, practical career support in a time of crisis

Tropical Storm

Achieve sustained and adaptable resilience (for leaders, teams and individuals)

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Individual Pack ​- 50% Discount

includes Complimentary Personalised Assessment and Report

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